Ode to the Overhead
Music, footsteps, amour in the night
Are heard by your neighbors who otherwise might
Choose not the disturbance, if given the choice.
So please turn down the music and lower your voice.
The walls are thin and the floors are too,
Below can be heard every footstep and shoe.
But the sounds travel not only down through the floor
But across to the people living next door.
So, please consider with seriousness the point of this light-hearted verse,
Which applies not only to floor number three,
But also to the second and first.
February 11, 2022

Due to the change in mask mandates effective next week, the Association strongly recommends that anyone entering the buildings continue to wear a mask whether vaccinated or not. This includes the hallways, laundry rooms and elevators.

Due to the change in mask mandates effective next week, the Association Office strongly recommends that anyone entering the Clubhouse or gyms, vaccinated or not, continue to wear a mask. Also, anyone entering the Association Office must wear a mask vaccinated or not.


THE ASSOCIATION OFFICE: The HOA Office will continue to be open Monday through Friday 9am - 5:30pm. If you need to communicate in person with the HOA Office, please wear a mask. Residents can still handle business through email and phone.

THE 24HR AND 72HR VISITOR SPACE PARKING RULES ARE BEING ENFORCED. Red zone, no parking area and staff parking rules continue to be enforced. To prevent their vehicles from being towed, residents must move their vehicles from staff parking spaces by 7am Monday through Friday or their vehicles will be towed. No warnings will be given.

INDOOR COMMON AREAS: For those not fully vaccinated, please continue to wear masks when you are indoors near others not from your household in the common areas, especially in the Clubhouse, hallways, lobbies, elevators and the laundry rooms.

Due to the continuously changing situation, please continue to watch for updates on the bulletin boards, newsletter and the Crown Colony Website crowncolonyhoa.com. We are excited to be moving toward normalcy! Stay safe and thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.


Open From 8:00AM- 8:00PM

Use Park at Your Own Risk and Close Gate Behind You

Dogs Must be on a Leash when Entering or Exiting the Park

No Dogs Without People. No People Without Dogs

Dog Waste Must Be Cleaned up by their Owners Immediately

Dogs Must be Licensed and Immunized

Bring Children at Your Own Risk. Children under 10 must be Accompanied by an Adult 18 or Older

Aggressive Dogs Must be Removed Immediately

If Your Dog Gets in a Fight, Leave the Dog Run and Exchange Contact Information. You Are Responsible for Any Injury Caused by Your Dog

Discourage Barking and Digging. If Your Dog Digs a Hole, Fill it in



Human & Dog Food/Treats

Glass Containers

Spike, Prong or Pinch Collars

Dogs in Heat

Sick Dogs

Puppies (Under 4 Months Old)

Employee Bonus Fund


For many years your Board has urged you to donate to the annual Employee Holiday Bonus Fund as a way to show Crown Colonyís hard working employees that we appreciate the work they do throughout the year. Our employees are always extremely grateful for your generosity. We believe this bonus also is an incentive for them to continue their hard work and to take pride in their jobs here at Crown.

If you wish to contribute, please click on the "Donate Now" button below.  Contribution is strictly voluntary. Whether you contribute or not and how much you might contribute is confidential and known only to Bautista & Co.


  Preview Image

The Employee Bonus Fund link will stay active all year long. Any time you feel that an employee has stepped up and down something above and beyond why not click on the link and donate?


Notices on Doors

Always carefully read any notices on your door posted by the Association.  They are there to inform you about fire alarm testing, water shut offs and other emergency matters you need to be aware of.


Parking Enforcement


Notice: The Association has stepped-up the enforcement level of the parking rules. Neither Management nor the Board enjoys the towing aspect of enforcement. Vehicles not parked in compliance with the parking rules are subject to immediate tow. How much does a tow cost an owner of a vehicle? The minimum cost is a whopping $504.00. Don't let your wallet be hit with a large towing bill.Öfollow the rules! We thought we'd take this opportunity to clarify the rules to help ensure your vehicle doesn't get towed.

1. Residents are allowed three (3) parking stickers per unit. Each resident vehicle must display a parking sticker. If you have more than three (3) vehicles, the additional vehicles can enter the community with a visitor pass. Any vehicle parked within the community without a properly displayed, valid Crown Colony sticker or visitor pass is subject to immediate tow without warning. Residentís vehicles without a sticker must enter by the Visitorís Lane.

2. How embarrassing would it be to have your visitor's vehicle towed? You can prevent this embarrassment by informing your visitors of the parking rules prior to their visits. Here's what they need to know: Each visitor will receive a visitor pass as they enter the community, the pass must be displayed face-up on the left side of the dashboard and each pass is good for 72 hours. Your visitor can only park in your deeded space or a space labeled with a "V" and a number.

3. What's the time limit for the visitor spaces? Once you park in a 72 hour space and you leave it either before the 72 hour period has expired or after the 72 hour period has expired, you may not return to that same space with either (1) the same vehicle, (2) another vehicle registered to your unit or (3) a visitorís vehicle registered to your unit until an additional 72 hours has passed since you vacated the space.  These same rules apply to the 24 hour visitor spaces.

If you don't have a valid parking sticker, bring your current registration to the Association Office and get one immediately. We strongly urge you to read and follow the parking rules. The complete Parking Rules are in the Rules and Regulations Booklet available in the Association Office or at http://crowncolonyhoa.com.




Itís been a long day and you are glad to be home. You walk in and discover a sink is backed up, slow draining or any other plumbing issues that you are not sure who is responsible for. What do you do now? You call All Clear Plumbing, the Associationís plumber at (650) 303-5130.

All Clear will determine if the problem is in the main line or if it is in the unitís line. If the problem is in the main line, The Association is responsible and will be billed accordingly. If it is the unitís line, the resident is responsible for paying for the services when completed.

Also, if you hear gurgling in your plumbing line or if your line is draining slowly, call the Association Office at (650) 756-8220 and report it. What you hear can be an indication of a future problem and the line should be cleared immediately before a back up occurs.

There are other important numbers on our website that may benefit the residents. The Crown Colony website is www.crowncolonyhoa.com. Click on Important Numbers at the bottom of the home page.

Water Shut-Offs
  The water supply lines serve multiple units. If you are having plumbing work done and need the water to your unit shut off for a period of time, please let the Association Office know at least 48 hours ahead of time. This will give the Association time to notify the other units on your supply line and give them adequate notice of the impending shut-off.

The Association Office will need to know the following:

1) The day of the repair;

2) What time the water needs to be turned off; and

3) For how long.

On the day of the repairs, you need to call the Office when the plumber arrives. Maintenance personnel will meet the plumber at your building and show him how the water should be shut off. When repairs are completed, either the plumber or the maintenance personnel can turn the water back on.