Architecture...makes decisions on any structural modifications an owner wishes to make to his unit or the Association wants to make to its property. For example, when the Clubhouse is renovated, the interior design would first be considered by this committee.
Building, Maintenance and Finance...makes sure Crown Colony's buildings and grounds are being appropriately maintained. It also approves the specifications for, selects the bidders on, chooses the appropriate bid and recommends its acceptance by the Board for all construction, grounds, maintenance and consultancy contracts. It oversees the annual budget, reviews all contracts for conformity to the budget and makes recommendations to the Board for selection of the Association's auditor, accountant and insurance policies.
Communications...writes, edits and publishes the Crown Colonist and other publications for Crown Colony's residents.
Grievance...arbitrates disputes between residents, enforces the Association's rules and recommends fines to the Board for imposition against those who do not follow the rules.
Budget...meets several time in January, February and March to plan the next year's budget.